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Desktop Application

The desktop software is an offline software that resides on single PC or multiple PCs in network and with local database on local PC or on local server.

Web Application

The web application is online software that resides on web server and with online or cloud database. The user can access this software on any computing device from anywhere.

Responsive Website

The website that will adjust in any computing device like Mobile, TAB, Laptop or Computer is known as responsive website & designed to display detail information of any organization.

Mobile Application

The mobile application is of useful to connect multiple people with single organization for the purpose of fast, flexible and secure work. The user can install app on mobile device.

E-Commerce Application

The E-Commerce application is useful to sale and buy single or multiple products online. In this type of applications seller and buyer can connect with each other via online portal.

E-Payment Gateway

The E-Payment Gateway is useful for online payments to particular person’s or organization’s bank account.Transfer money via online gateway linked bank account securely.